U type

Model Number: HSU


Material: Q235B


Type: Round Pipes, Helical Pile with Customized U-flange.


Description:  This kind of product is designed to connect to various ground structures such as  timber pile and wooden pole, etc.


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Dimensions: U flange ground screw

  >>The U-flange common size (Accept customization)

a. Length                                          685/700/900/1100mm. 
b. Pipe outer diameter                     68/76/89mm.
c. square Hole spacing                    42mm. 
d. Center hole spacing                     90mm. 
e. Square hole spacing                    50mm. 
f. Square hole diameter                   11. (suitable for M10 carriage bolts) 
g. U-shaped plate inner spacing      71/91/101/111mm. 
h. U-shaped plate width                   70/80mm. 
i. Inner depth of U-shaped plate      130mm. 

>>Blade: Accept customization

  • Type: Continuous weld helix.ground screw for wooden house or garden house
  • Thickness: 2-4mm.ground screw for wooden house or garden house
  • Pitch: 40mm.ground screw for wooden house or garden house

ground screw for wooden house or garden house

Surface FinshedHot dip galvanizing, in accordance with ASTM A123/EN ISO 1461 standards for hot-dip zinc coatings.



  • Solar ground mounting systems
  • Fences
  • Decks
  • Temporary structures

>>Related derivatives

  • The U-flange welded M48 nut.

>M48 Nut:

  • Inner diameter: 48mm
  • opposite side distance:70mm   
  • Vertex distance opposite: 80mm

>U-flange size: Accept customization

  • Inner depth of U-shaped plate: 130mm
  • U-shaped plate width: 90mm
  • U-shaped plate thickness: 4mm


>Pipe: Accept customization

  • Outer diameter: 60mm
  • Length: 900mm
  • Thickness: 3mm

>Helix Blades: Accept customization

  • Circles: 12.5
  • Pitch: 40mm
  • Size:10*T3


1. We usually use steel pallet for packing. Then, arrange the products neatly.
2. Then fix it with a special packing strap to prevent displacement during transportation.
3. After the fixing is completed, wrap layers of plastic film to protect the product from damage.
4. Load it into the container by forklift, and fix the container inside again after packing, so as to avoid the internal impact during shipping as much as possible.

If you have any tech issues, feel free contact us. 

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