2.875″ O.D. Pipe 7 feet Lead with 8″ Single Helix GMTN700708

2.875″ O.D. Pipe 7 feet Lead with 8″ Single Helix GMTN700708

Model Number: HSO


Material: Q355/ API 5CT J55


Type: Helical Pile


Description: Open top, which are designed to have a pipe inserted into it and secured with three bolts when installing.  Shorter project times, ease of installation, reduction of the carbon footprint, ease of removal when the foundations are no longer required, reduced risk to the workforce, and reduced costs.

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>>Pipe: Accept customization

  • Outer Diameter: 2.875″ 
  • Wall Thickness: 0.217″
  • Length: 7 feet

>>Helix: Accept customization

  • O.D.: 8″
  • Thickness: 3/8″


  • 2 holes


  • Flux cored wire are available
  • Experienced welders group

Next, surface finished:

Hot dip galvanizing, in accordance with ASTM A123/EN ISO 1461 standards for hot-dip zinc coatings.

Then, Application: Especially for House Foundation

  • Residential and Commercial Foundation Support
  • Solar Ground Mounting Systems
  • Wind Turbines
  • Telecom Towers


Let’s see the other SPECIFICATION EXAMPLE.

Just for your reference, accept customization!!

73×5.5×21308″, 10″&x 9.5t25.4
73x7x213010″, 12″&14″x 12t45.64
73x7x213012″, 14″x 12t42.80
89×6.45×21308“, 10″ & 12” x12t42.50
89×5.5×213012″ & 14″ x12t40.66



  1. Sum up helical screw piles for house foundation in one sentence。

>Helical screw piles for house foundation are a valuable component in the geotechnical tool belt.

  1. What’s the material of helical screw piles for house foundation?

>GB Q345B, in accordance with ASTM A252 Grade 3.

  1. What’s your production capacity?

>Our capacity is about 1,0000 units a month.

  1. MOQ

>The MOQ is 25pcs/pallet.

  1. Can you provide the price including shipping cost?

>Yes, our company is specialized in export trade all year round, and has our own forwarding department, more advantageous in freight aspect.

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