Helical Piles with Extension


Material: Q355/ API 5CT J55

Type: Extension tubesExtension tube piers for foundation support

Description: Shorter project times, ease of installation, reduction of the carbon footprint, ease of removal when the foundations are no longer required, reduced risk to the workforce, and reduced cost

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Helical Pile Foundation Repair

>>Pipe: Accept customization

  • Outer Diameter: 2.875″/3.5″ 
  • Wall Thickness: 5.5/7mm
  • Length: 2130mm

>>Hole of Helical Pile Foundation:

  • Processing Method: Drill Machine/Laser/Plasma

Next Let’ s talk about WELD:

  • Flux cored wire are available
  • Experienced welders group 

Last but not least, Surface finished :

Hot dip galvanizing,

The thickness of zinc layer is 80~100 microns on average. 
HDG quality can meet or exceed EN ISO 1461/ASTM A123 and A153. And we promise a 25-year warranty.
Besides, we have our own HDG line, ensure quality and delivery time.

Helical Pile Foundation Application: 

  • Residential and Commercial Foundation Support
  • Solar Ground Mounting Systems
  • Wind Turbines
  • Telecom Towers


Just for your reference, accept customization!!



  1. Sum up this product in one sentence

>Helical pile Foundation are a valuable component in the geotechnical tool belt.

  1. What’s the HS code of this product?


  1. What’s your production capacity?

>Our capacity is about 7,000 units a month.

  1. MOQ

>The MOQ is 25pcs/pallet.

  1. Can you provide the price including shipping cost?

>Yes, our company is specialized in export trade all year round, and has our own forwarding department, more advantageous in freight aspect.

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